As with most phone mining apps, this isn’t crypto currency mining in the sense that it doesn’t use processing power from your device to process transactions that maintain the cryptocurrency network. Instead, based on how frequently you check in (and maybe how many people you refer), you are allotted a certain quantity of BITRA to mine for every day you check in.

I had to sign up on the website and start mining from there because the wallet doesn’t work for me. I had to use my browser’s translate feature to translate the site because clicking on the flag and changing to the British flag for English made the site unusable. You can try signing up here..

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Check-In Frequency: Daily

Account Creation Bonus: 25 BITRA


  • Can use app or website
  • New, can get in early - typically early adopters of most successful crypto projects receive the greatest benefit


  • No real world utility yet
  • I had to sign up on the website because the app wouldn't work for me
  • I had to translate everything to English using Google Translate because the English translation of the site wasn't working for me





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