Almost Airdrops

In general, true airdrops shouldn’t cost money – that is you shouldn’t send money to receive airdrop tokens. This doesn’t mean an airdrop can’t make you spend gas to interact with a smart contract, it just means true airdrops shouldn’t financially benefit from being sent crypto or fiat.

A gray area has started popping up – projects that are dirt cheap to redeem, but not technically free. Currently our definition of what classifies as an almost airdrop is something that costs less than the equivalent of ~$2 USD. This is an arbitrary definition we made up, so it may change over time. As always, it’s up to you whether you participate – do your own research (DYOR).

Well – we tried it and none of the projects seem to have come to anything, suggesting it wasn’t a good thing for crypto. That being said, we no longer will post instant airdrops requiring anything besides standard transaction gas.

Click here for general guidance with Selfdrops (what wallet to use, etc.)