This site is NOT in English, but if you dismiss the dialogue box that pops up, you can change the language in a dropdown toward the middle of the page or if your browser supports it, just right click and tell it to translate to English.

NOTE: This airdrop seems to be iffy. It could be the prelude to a scam request or it could be legit. Be careful and be sure to NEVER send anyone crypto expecting more crypto in return as part of an airdrop or other promotion. I entered it in case its real, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Iffy because:
?️ Website seems to be claiming an association with Uniswap I'm not sure can be substantiated
?️ I've seen scam websites that look very similar to this site, so it just feels iffy, like at any moment it'll ask me to send ETH to verify my address

Click here to understand Airdrop scams and how to identify and deal with them.

Airdrop Ends: April 20, 2021
Value: 10 UNIA (~$20 USD)
Required Actions: Enter ETH Address
Wallet Type: Ethereum: ERC20
Administered Through: Website Form

Join here:

How can you join this UNIA Airdrop?

✅ Open this Website
✅ Enter your ETH address
✅ Optionally, invite others using your invite link

As always, remember: NEVER spend money (fiat or crypto) to redeem an airdrop. Real airdrops shouldn’t ask for gas fees or to “verify” your wallet by sending crypto.