TOSA Selfdrop Airdrop Instructions:  

📄 Selfdrop Contract: 0x6756991587433a395dc36e919de8da42cad38a81  
💰 Value: 5,000,000 TOSA  
🕖 Expected End date: June 30, 2021  
➡️ Visit this site with Metamask enabled browser or paste this link in your DApps using trust wallet or similar tool to trigger a 0 BNB transaction to receive airdrop:
   ( )  

Click here for general guidance on Selfdrop Airdrops  

❗️Scroll down and click [Airdrop TOSA INU] (under the [Claim 100m TOSA] button – don’t click the claim button – that one spends 0.01 BNB) and ensure your transaction is a 0 BNB + gas transaction.
❗️Ensure you set gas to 150,000 or more