BRG Testnet Airdrop (Project Promoted)

πŸ•– Est. End: 01/22/2022  
πŸ”Œ Project Type: Bridge  
πŸ›  Required: Bridge any asset between 2 chains, follow socials, fill out form  
β›“ Chain(s) involved: Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, KuCoin, and Polygon (MATIC)  
πŸ”’ Wallet: Binance Smart Chain: BEP20  
πŸ“£ Administered By: Website  

➑️ Join here:  

What are Testnet Airdrops? Testnet airdrops are tokens you are given after you test out a project’s features BEFORE it goes live. This should require you switch Metamask to a different network – specificially one that’s a testnet where you use worthless test coins/tokens. Testnet airdrop distributions often happen many months after you actually do the testing.

In order to user a project on a testnet – you’ll need coins from a testnet faucet (faucet just means a site that gives free coins). Here’s a list of testnet faucets:

Chain Currency Symbol Network Name
AVAX AVAX Fuji Testnet [Testnet (test/development tokens)]
BNB Binance [Testnet (test/development tokens)]
ETH Rinkeby [Testnet (test/development tokens)]
FTM Fantom [Testnet (test/development tokens)]
HT Huobi ECO Chain [Testnet (test/development tokens)]
KCS KuCoin Community Chain [Testnet (test/development tokens)]
OKT OKExChain [Testnet (test/development tokens)]
ROSE Oasis Emerald Testnet [Testnet (test/development tokens)]

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