🕖 Est. End: July 24, 2022  
💰 Value: 5,000 RFX (Unknown USD)  
👥 Referral: 1 extra entry; Top 10 referrers get 5,000 RFX  
🛠 Required: Have/install RFX mining app & provide email address  
🔒 Wallet: In App; can withdrawal to BEP20 or ERC20  
📣 Administered By: Gleam Form  

➡️ Join here: https://wn.nr/8CfbdA  

How can you join this RFX Airdrop?

✅ Ensure you have the reflex token mining app RFX mining app – if you install the first time, use invitation/referral code hpjfa to start out with 30 RFX free.
✅ Open this RFX Airdrop page
✅ Provide your mining app email address and login with a social media account, completing as many tasks as you want to, getting as many entries as you desire

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