🕖 Est. End: March 15, 2022  
💰 Value: ~$3 in IGT (~$3 USD)  
👥 Referral: ~$0.50 in IGT  
🛠 Required: Telegram & Twitter  
🔒 Wallet: Binance Smart Chain: BEP20  
📣 Administered By: Telegram Bot  
🌎 Project Website: https://ignite.info/  

➡️ Join here: https://t.me/IgniteChainAirdropBot?start=1835463518  

Note: 10,000 random entrants will be awarded.  

How can you join this IGT Airdrop?

✅ Open this IGT Airdrop bot (links provided in bot)
✅ Follow Telegram group and channel
✅ Follow on Twitter and retweet as directed
✅ Optionally, complete additional tasks for full rewards
✅ Provide wallet and socials in airdrop bot

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