🕖 Est. End: May 31, 2021  
💰 Value: ~$5 in SFMS (~$5 USD)  
👥 Referral: ~$3 in SFMS  
🛠 Required: Telegram, Twitter & YouTube  
🔒 Wallet: Binance Smart Chain: BEP20  
📣 Administered By: Telegram Bot  

➡️ Join here: https://t.me/Safe_MoonAirdropBot?start=r02404403970  

How can you join this SFMS Airdrop?

✅ Open this SFMS Airdrop bot (links are in the bot)
✅ Join Telegram channels and group
✅ Follow on Twitter and retweet as directed
✅ Subscribe on YouTube
✅ Provide wallet and social info in bot

As always, remember: NEVER send money (fiat or crypto) to redeem an airdrop. Real airdrops shouldn’t ask for gas fees or to “verify” your wallet by sending crypto. Spending a little BNB/ETH on gas for a smart contract interaction is acceptable as long as the recipient is sent 0 BNB or 0 ETH (so they receive nothing). 

The crypto universe is about taking responsibility – do your own research (DYOR) and never share your private keys or pneumonic phrases with anyone for any reason – sharing private keys and pneumonic phrases is like giving away your wallet. While we try to weed out obvious scams and point out questionable airdrops, we can not be responsible for what you do after seeing our post(s).