My skepticism has proven justified. This bot has just posted a link to a scam site ( This domain ( is clearly a scam. Please don’t send DOT to this scammer. You won’t get 3x back and you’ll regret falling for it.

Some of the reasons the site is clearly a scam:

  • It asks for crypto to get more crypto – you should never have to do this for gifts/airdrops. If they wanted proof you held DOT, simply providing your address would be enough. With just a wallet address I can tell you how much of every coin/token you hold in that wallet. I can’t access it or take it, but because the main blockchains are transparent, what you have is clear.
  • It cross links to the trust worthy location – this domain has links for the Polkadot whitepaper and such, and all those links point away from the domain “” and toward the actual, real Polkadot domain. Scams do this to hope no one will notice the domain change and think the scam site is reliable. It also helps them not need to fake as much content. (scammers can be lazy like the rest of us after all).
  • It magically has one redemption every minute that returns 3x DOT in the same minute – If you know how crypto transactions are approved, the transaction log at the bottom is extremely unrealistic. The likelihood of having exactly one transaction every minute and returning that transactions within the same minute is a truly astounding feat statistically speak. Real transactions bunch together in the same minute and have periods of time with no transactions. 
  • Txn hash’s aren’t provided in full – The whole point of the blockchain is transparency. A true crypto site would share full transaction hashes and let you see on the blockchain explorer the full transaction info.

Required Actions: IGNORE THIS ONE
Administered Through: DELETED

Disclaimer – I’m a little skeptical of this project. Why they are estimating their token will be valued at $1 per token is unknown to me. Also, the site is a bit bare-bones, making me wonder if its legit or just the early stages of a real site. The whitepaper seems a little light on technical details. I signed up and would encourage anyone else to do the same in case it works out, but make sure (as always) that you NEVER send crypto as fees or to “verify” your address in order to receive an airdrop.


Here’s how you can join this FMD Airdrop:
✅ Join Telegrams
✅ Follow on twitter and retweet
✅ Submit ERC20 wallet through bot

As always, remember: NEVER spend money (fiat or crypto) to redeem an airdrop. Real airdrops shouldn’t ask for gas fees or to “verify” your wallet by sending crypto.