🕖 Est. End: April 30, 2021  
💰 Value: 10 BMR (Unknown)  
👥 Referral: 1 BMR  
🛠 Required: Telegram, Twitter & Medium  
🔒 Wallet: Binance Smart Chain: BEP20  
📣 Administered By: Telegram Bot  

➡️ Join here: https://t.me/boomerangprotocolbot?start=r07766926540  

Disclaimer: I have my doubts about this one. The website doesn’t work too well, half the links are broken and overall a lot of the consumer facing stuff looks shoddy. That said, it could be early days for the project and there could be potential, so I signed up and am posting it. There should be no risk in doing the social activities and submitting your wallet as long as you remember to NEVER spend anything on Airdrops (if we get a notice in a few weeks that we need to send crypto to an address to verify our wallet address or help cover gas fees or some other nonsense, we know it’s a dud and we move on).

How can you participate in this BMR airdrop drawing?

✅ Open this Telegram Bot.
✅ Join Telegram Chat and Channel
✅ Follow on Twitter
✅ Follow on Medium
✅ Submit your social info in the bot and your BEP20 wallet address
✅ Also get 1 BMR for each referral

As always, remember: NEVER spend money (fiat or crypto) to redeem an airdrop. Real airdrops shouldn’t ask for gas fees or to “verify” your wallet by sending crypto.