Do you want us to advertise and promote your airdrop?

This form is for requesting that we post your airdrop. Please note, we reserve the right to not post any airdrop. All airdrops for tokens/coins that are geared towards adult content (porn, graphic content, etc.) and casinos/gambling are ignored – we will not respond to emails.

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Airdrop promotion:

  • What you get
    • Your airdrop listed on
    • Airdrop listed on our social media accounts:
      • Twitter
      • Multiple Telegram channels/groups
      • Facebook
      • Reddit
      • LinkedIn
      • Tumblr
    • Airdrop listing pinned for at least 24 hours on Twitter, 3 Telegram channels/groups
    • Optional for non-meme projects: if you have an airdrop banner, we can post that on the homepage of for at least 72 hours.
  • Cost
    • Equivalent of $100 USD at time of signup and 10x your standard airdrop reward in your tokens. If you’re running on a common chain, payment must be in transaction currency of the chain your token runs on (BNB, SOL, TRX, HT, MATIC, ETH, HOO, FTM, etc) Contact us for independent/new chains or other scenarios (in app airdrops, etc.).
    • Optionally: 50% off if you make following our Twitter and our Telegram channel optional tasks in your airdrop form/bot.

Payment terms – 1/2 up front and 1/2 within 24 hours of airdrop being posted on If you send partial payment, our current payment addresses are:

For ERC20 type chains (e.g. ETH, BSC, MATIC, HT, HOO, FTM): 0x1ee2B1d92162a6A22e459C00419F2375E31C8C79

SOL: 84ancb9HvU2bxwCmW11h8U864J2jFHQakJRdgx5GGTC8

TRX: THarfq8tm2Lh9h4b71CXvTNtZ7JeawM3k7

TOMO: 0x8a4aBcD8DbBdb072f00dA2284880CE7f7452347C


WAVES: 3P53Frfcn1AsvybL1w8JCqWwXq88H8PcKpT